The Bluefield Preservation Society is a 501(c)3 organization created by a group of visionary Bluefield residents passionate about their hometown and dedicated to the idea of restoring Bluefield to a more vibrant and productive city.
Our Mission
The Bluefield Preservation Society exists to protect rich local history while revitalizing the Greater Bluefield community by demonstrating the economic benefits...Read More.
Blueberry Preserves
The BPS offers the best blueberry preserves in town! We’re busy preserving Bluefield one jar at a time! 5 oz. - $3, 10.5 oz. - $6, 15.5 oz. - $9 To place order, please call (304) 589-0239.
Lemonade Festival
We are excited to present the first annual Lemonade Festival – a day-long celebration of Bluefield’s long-standing lemonade promotion. To be on Saturday, Aug. 31...Read More.
~.Preserve and Prosper.~