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Preservation of Bluefield

The Bluefield Preservation Society has revitalized many areas throughout the city. Our current project is the restoration of the historic Granada Theater located on 537 Commerce Street.  

The historic Granada Theater, which was closed in 1977, will soon come back to life. 

Preservation starts with you! 
You can help us by sharing your resources, become a volunteer, or speak a good word.  

- Bluefield Preservation Society

The Granada Theatre opened January 2, 1928, with Mary Astor in "Rose of the Golden West." 

The Theater was modernized in 1949 to the plans of architect E. H. Geissler. The theater was built for vaudeville acts and brought many talents to the area such as Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Greer Garson. 

A Wurlitzer Style EX, Opus 1790 theatre organ was installed and was opened by organist A.A. Ritter. The organ left the Granada many years ago and was taken to the Evans Theater in Indiana. From there it was transferred to Huntington and installed at the Keith Albee Theater. A former resident of Bramwell, West Virginia, discovered the organ while teaching at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. It became available when the Keith Albee's original organ was found. 

The organ was returned to Bluefield in 2015 and will be reassembled by a specialized group. 
(organ pictured below)

Rose of the Golden West, Granada Theater, Mary Astor, Gilbert Roland, Bluefied West Virginia

Rose of the Golden West, 1927

Our Accomplishments

  • Replaced the Granada roof

  • Replaced the Granada marquee

  • The exterior of the Granada cleaned

  • Replaced and re-glazed windows on the Granada

  • Paid over $100K for the architect and engineer's complete construction documents

Preservation starts with you! 

The Bluefield Preservation has raised over $700K in grant monies to replace the sidewalks, lamp posts, street pavement, and erect railway-style awning to create the Depot District located on Commerce Street in downtown Bluefield, West Virginia. 

Your monetary gifts are tax-deductible.  It will take gifts of all sizes to ensure the success of our work!

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